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Round Cake Molds, are professional silicone molds for creating baked and molded cakes.


Use to create eye-catching desserts, such as baked cakes, mousse cakes, frozen ice cream cakes and gelatin desserts. 

Made of food-safe 100% platinum silicone.
Effortless unmolding of product, because of the silicones non-stick qualities and semi-flexible form.
Temperature range from -76F to +446F degrees (-60 to +230C), can be used in the refrigerator, freezer, blast freezer, microwave and oven.


Two Round sizes available:


Round  6 1/4" diameter x 2" height  (160mm x 50mm) (volume 1000ml) - $10.95


Round  7 1/16" diameter x 2" height  (180mm x 50mm) (volume 1266ml) - $11.95

Round Cake Molds

$10.95 Regular Price
$7.00Sale Price
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